Welcome to the Dalhousie Faculty Association

Our valued members are the professors, instructors, librarians and counsellors that make up Dalhousie University. They are dedicated to the university’s students, research and serving the community so they can provide the best possible post-secondary education and experience for anyone affiliated with the Dalhousie community. The success of this university relies on the commitment of our members.

The DFA addresses issues affecting university education, and are of interest to students and their parents, the broader Dalhousie community, media and members of the public. From time to time we also host events that are open to people outside of our membership.

On this site, you will find some information about the DFA, our Executive Committee members, issues and events. We have also introduced a Meet Our Members section where we will profile some of the amazing people who teach at Dalhousie. So please take a few minutes to get to know us and our members. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to email the DFA Communications Officer Catherine.Wall@dal.ca

For a history of the DFA, read 40 Years of Activism: Working for a Better Dalhousie.