DFA Public Speaker Series

DFA's Public Speaker Series is a chance for you to meet some of our members, as they discuss their research and other issues of interest to the community.  Past events open to the public have included talks on pet care, perfectionism, math and music, and a panel discussion on anti-Islamaphobia


Bridging the Gap: How to BE an Ally. How to BUILD an Ally

(held August 24, 2023): DFA held its Pride Panel on Thursday, August 24. Thanks to Susan Spronk, Co-Chair of the Canadian Association of University Teachers Equity Committee; and DFA Members Kyle Wilby and Owen Johnstone for their thoughtful and personal presentations.  A recording of the presentation can be found here


Lessons Learned and Perspectives on the CCAA Proceedings at Laurentian University

(held February 16, 2023):  Thank you to Dr. Fabrice Colin, President of Laurentian University Faculty Association, for joining us to speak about the 2021 insolvency claim by Laurentian and the two years of chaos that followed. Dr. Colin's presentation provides a sobering look at the layoffs, program closures and brutal treatment of faculty and staff during the first-ever insolvency claim by a Canadian university.  This presentation was the DFA's 2023 Dr. Robert S. Rodger Lecture Series. The recording of Dr. Fabrice Colin's presentation can be found here.

Building Black Canadian Studies: Dalhousie's Contribution

(held February 16, 2023) The recording of Dr. Isaac Saney's information-packed, passionately-delivered presentation can be found here.  The event was held as part of DFA's recognition of African Heritage Month 2023.

Public Forum on University Governance: Faculty and Student Perspectives

(held January 17, 2023): Panelists Dr. Robin Whitaker, Dr. Diane Piccitto, Dr. Julia Wright, and students Aparna Mohan and Sydney Keyamo share insights and personal experience on this important topic. The presentation was recorded and can be found here.

Reconcili-ACTION in Research: Is the Academy Headed in the Right Direction?

(held September 30, 2022): Many thanks to DFA member Dr. Debbie Martin, professor of Health Promotion at Dalhousie, for her presentation held on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Dr. Martin's presentation, "Reconcili-ACTION in research: Is the academy headed in the right direction?", was recorded and can be found here.  A transcription is available on request by contacting DFA Communications Officer Catherine.Wall@dal.ca

Being a Black Professor at Dalhousie: Opportunities, Challenges and Progress

(held May 11, 2022): Thank you to panelists Remi Agu, Barbara Hamilton-Hinch and Dominic Silvio for speaking on Being a Black Professor at Dalhousie.  A recording of the presentations can be found here. A transcription is available on request by contacting DFA Communications Officer Catherine.Wall@dal.ca.